Our Mission

The pledge was very important at Camp Hudgens.  It started out the morning after the US pledge of allegiance.  We we went through the day, we brought up times when the pledge was applied to an activity.  As staffers, we were always expected to live by it and see any way to work it into our activity.

US Flag

RA Flag

The national Royal Ambassador Congress 1968 - OKC

This was at the national Royal Ambassador Congress in 1968 in Oklahoma City.  I was only 6 years old at the time and don't remember going.  This was at the Fair Grounds Arena.  A few years later, I do remember attending my first state RA Congress at the newly constructed Myriad.  Wow, it was so neat.  We had the big halls and the arena.  I remember the missions fair as it was laid out in convention style.  The missionaries from Brazil had Mate tea.  Its something you routinely get now at Teavana or coffee shops.  The missionary was Delbert Taylor.  The RA races were neat as there were numerous tracks lined up from the walls of the halls.  Also neat was the highway patrol 18 wheel trailer with samples of all the bad drugs of the day.  Bennies, reds, ludes, weed, etc were all there for us kids to see.  Home made weapons were there from McAlester.  They had a neat collection of automatic weapons.  It was good that my first congress was so fantastic.  9 years later in 1977, I worked as a staffer at the Tulsa congress, and every congress from then to 2007 which was the last year they had them in Oklahoma.

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